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how you spend your time. 
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Time is the #1 reason moms who own businesses are not making the money they want to make - and the money they see other business owners making.
This happens because no one is teaching moms how to manage their time to build a business AND be the mom they want to be. 
We are taught:

  • Your time struggles are mindset issues
  • Just be more disciplined or organized
  • You have to hustle around the clock to succeed
  • You have to choose, you can’t have it all

What you learn from these messages is that something is wrong with YOU. That YOU aren’t cut out for business. And that now isn’t the right time to grow your business.
This is wrong.

The truth is that making more money helps moms and families solve a lot of problems. And moms are poised to be incredibly successful with online business in particular - IF - they use strategies that are specifically designed for moms and the unique challenges they face with time. 
I want to invite you to a new way.

A way of managing your time and getting your business tasks done, while still overseeing virtual school, or carpools, and dinner tonight. 

It’s possible to be the mom you want to be - and build a successful business - without running yourself into the ground, staying up all night, or sacrificing precious family time. 
I’ll show you how. 

In this 3-module course with bonus workbook, I’m going to be giving you the exact tools you need to actually manage your time instead of always feeling like you’re chasing it. 

You will feel clear, confident, and in charge with the tools you learn in this training. 
You will be able to take action immediately to implement, and start getting different results right away in your business.

You will learn:

  • Why productivity isn’t the best measure of time well spent or getting you ahead in business
  • Why now is the BEST time to solve your time issues vs waiting until things are easier
  • How to take control of your time without waking up earlier or being more organized
  • How to prevent sitting down to work and then not knowing what to do
  • Why hustling isn’t the answer (and what is)
  • How to cut down on the time you spend feeling overwhelmed or stressed
  • The secret hack to hitting your goals
  • How to handle interruptions
  • How to make a plan that will actually get done (and it’s NOT willpower or more discipline)

… and much more! 

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You already know what you need to know to get it all done - during a unicorn week. You know the one.. where everyone wakes up in a good mood, everything works smoothly, and you check all the boxes. 

In this course, you get the tools you need to handle the “real ass weeks” - where someone gets sick, you oversleep, they’re wearing the same shirt for the 3rd day in a row and you let it slide, the baby wants to be held all day, etc. Yes… you can grow your business during these weeks too.

You can keep trying to apply old fashioned time management tips (created by people who either have a business - or young kids - but not both at the same time) to your unique situation. 

OR you can learn my “work smarter not harder” method of using your time as a tool to accomplish all of your goals, so you avoid hustle, burnout, exhaustion, and feeling like you’re failing in business and as a mom. 

You can go to bed every night knowing you nailed it - and wake up each morning knowing exactly what you will accomplish, and how you will handle any of life’s curveballs in motherhood or business.
You will NEVER say "I don't have enough time" ever again.
It’s only $27 for instant access to the entire 3 module course and workbook.
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"I've invested in several other 'build your own online business' courses before, but I've found Samantha Siffring to be especially catered to busy moms (both in/out of the office!) I love how she cuts the crap and gets to the heart of the matter, usually in 3 bullet points..."

- Sharon
"Thank you for the gift of Time Redesigned!  I've created a calendar with 20 hrs/week for work."

- Heather
"Well Samantha Siffring, you are good at what you do!  I joined this group hoping to get some help with organizing my time.  Now I feel excited about building a business and actually making money with all the work that I do."

- Melissa
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